After a great introduction to bass house and trap beats by Grizzy, we keep the trend going with the OG himself, Juyen Sebulba.

If you’re into bass/speed house, psytrance, everything trap related and much more, then Juyen Sebulba is the artist for you. Born as Johnathon Nguyen, the American DJ/Producer has been kicking it for a couple of years now, and boy has he delivered. Since his first breakthrough back in 2013 with “Superjam” on Diplo’s Mad Decent, Juyen has kept on trucking and showed everyone how hardwork and patience pays off.

Sporting releases on the (soon to be defunct) Ones to Watch Records, Mixmash and Be Rich Records, Juyen showcased his potential since the very beginning, culminating in becoming a member of the Barong Family in 2017, with the release of his Mach1 EP. Mach2 soon followed after, with both EPs getting remixed by the likes of Herve Pagez, Crisis Era, Dither and more. He also collaborated with Yellow Claw themselves, on the now iconic anthem “Do You Like Bass?”, which reached almost 8 million plays on Spotify (at the time of writing this article).

In 2018, Juyen released a new EP with longtime friend and fellow Barong Family signee Stoltenhoff called “Psycho Boys Club”, which turned out to be the foundation of their new project, which already has a Tomorrowland performance lined up and a new EP out called “Chaos Underground” which you definitely should check out.

Recently, he released his god-tier “Mach3” on Barong Family, an awesome 4-track EP with collabs with Rawtek, Lil Texas and Stoltenhoff, which serves as an amazing follow-up to and a preview of things to come. You can be sure Juyen is only getting started.

As for the mix, we asked and Juyen surely delivered. With a set packed with rumbling bass and thumping kicks, Juyen takes us on a trip through several genres, including tracks from Ibranovski, Crisis Era, Cesqeaux and Yellow Claw, as well as new music from Psycho Boyz Club and Juyen’s brand spanking new Mach3 EP! If that doesn’t convince you to click “play” on the link below, then I don’t know what will!

So crank your speakers to max and get ready to blow your neighbours’ minds with the sound of: Juyen Sebulba!!

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