The mysterious and enigmatic artist that is Maison Ware is back, releasing this time his debut EP, Voices!

Composed by his 4 previously released tracks, as well as his brand new single “Voices”, this outstanding EP starts with “Hypnotize”, a track that much like the name suggests will take over your body and allow you to leave your body and transcend through the beautiful bassline present in the track.

“In The Dark” is the track that follows, and it starts with an eerie bass melody, that only stops growing until finding his signature sinister vocals that are present in all of his productions. The title of the track, “In The Dark” is a great representation of the scenario you should listen to this track, that of course, if you’re not scared of being haunted.

A small interlude then takes place, making this EP more dynamic and giving it the story telling mood that every EP or album needs. “WLMA” is the perfect way to introduce his new single “Voices”, which has a faster pace to it, growing fast until reaching a wonderful bassline climax with plenty of bounce and energy. “Voices” is Maison Ware’s latest addition to his curious narrative that helps connecting the dots between previous chapters.

The final track from this wonderful project is “Control”, coined as an encapsulation of a dense bass house style, that starts with a rather mesmerizing violin melody, accompanied by an eerie subtle bass, which then gains pace until becoming a stunning rumbling bass drop.

Creating the perfect blend of forward-thinking productions with classic dance music elements, with contrasting basslines Maison Ware presents cutting-edge sounds and his Voices EP is a sheer example of how talented he is!

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