DJ/Producer duo Dillytek are finally back to Coone’s Dirty Workz, with an incredibly powerful track entitled “World Without You”.

Dillytek are just one of those names with a considerable fanbase and quality releases, but still with tons of untapped potential. Hailing from the land of kangaroos and huge spiders, the Australian duo has been around for a few years, gathering a supportive fanbase.

Starting out in 2013 with releases on Dutch Master Works, Aaron Tilse and Aaron Grace climbed their way to the top in a conventional way: they managed to get the attention of Frontliner, a big player of the hardstyle game, who signed them to his label, Keep It Up Music, where they were regulars.

2017 marked their debut at Dirty Workz with “A.W.E.S.O.M.E”, and 2018 started out with a bang, as Dillytek released their first album Sound In Motion. A few EPs soon followed, with most being re-releases of the album tracks. Now, their new single “World Without You” marks their return to Dirty Workz in almost 10 months.

The track starts out with a regular intro, featuring a power kick and usual percussion. From then, we’re greeted by the amazing plucky guitar melody, complimented perfectly by the chilling vocal, quickly followed by epic energy synths and the first surprisingly melodic drop. The breakdown grabs the guitar sample and vocal once again, with the latter being the true star of the track. This shows everyone that sometimes simplicity is really the best option. The second drop sounds very similar to the first, with the small addition of a high-pitched pluck.

Check the track out in the link down below and tell us what you think!

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