Dutch DJ/Producer Julian Calor isn’t messing around with new EP “No Fear Anymore”, and it definitely shows.

We’re honestly running out of words to say about Julian. Even in spite of having a considerable fanbase, he’s STILL one of the most underrated artists on the scene. The dutch prodigy started out in 2013 with his track “Ambush”, a collab with Tom & Jame. From then, a slew of incredible releases followed, showcasing an incredibly refreshing approach to dance music, a new sonority and a rarely seen level of production. In 2015, he released a masterpiece album entitled “EVOLVE”, which is still an all time favorite of mine. Recently, Julian has been a regular on Monstercat, and one only has to listen to a few seconds of his music to understand why.

After “You Might Get Lost”, “One” – his return to Revealed – “Adventures” and “No Fear Anymore” – the single – “No Fear Anymore” is his first EP in over a year. That might now sound like much, but what Julian “lacks” in quantity, he surely makes up for in quality.

There just isn’t another way to say this: “No Fear Anymore” is a masterstroke on Julian’s part, and will surely be a “pièce de résistance” in his discography.

The EP features 4 tracks: “Overcome”, “Monster”, “No Fear Anymore” and “Follow Me”.  In typical Julian Calor fashion, genres are thrown out of the window, and replaced with epic melodies, shivering synths and powerful vocals.

Speaking of which, Julian relies on Ava Silver and Trove to infuse that magic that only a human voice can, on “No Fear Anymore” and “Monster”. “Overcome” and “Follow Me” are 100% Julian’s solo efforts, with the first one being an emotional epilogue to the rest of the EP, combining perfectly orchestral sounds with the typical Julian Calor sound.

You can check the EP out in the link down below, your ears will thank you!

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