Two big Portuguese Hardstyle talents, Kaiser-T and In-Rush, came together once more to give us an amazing track! After releasing their well received collaboration The Gift Of Music on Hard Music Records, they now released a bootleg of Imagine Dragons’ Bad Liar!

According to the artists, they’ve “tried to mix the original feeling this song has with both our styles” and we can definitely tell they’ve achieved their goal. They’ve managed to fuse the original vocals with an addicting melody and punchy kick that will delight all their fans! The two artists will premiere their track at Dancefloor in Braga, so make sure not to miss Kaiser-T‘s performance!

If you don’t yet know these artists, it’s time you do, as they’re slowly going beyond their home country. Kaiser-T is part of the Hard Music Records crew and is considered one of the Top 30 DJ’s of his country. He’s known for tracks like Stand Up and his remix of the track Maluco from Karetus. In-Rush has also recently joined Hard Music Records and has been producing Hardstyle for quite some time, and is the founder of the Hardstyle Portugal community. Some of his biggest hits are MAD and Restless.

Be sure to stay tuned for further releases from them, as they’re ones to watch!

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