Yesterday Atmozfears took it to his socials to post a story asking people where they thought he was at. On the story you can see a studio and in the top of the speakers there’s an Aftershock cap… Mystery solved! It seems both are collaborating, and many fans guessed correctly on the replies.

The funny part with this collaboration is that they may have at least one unreleased track already, given the fact that Aftershock is believed to be Shockerz (Wesley Fanger), as we previously reported, and there’s a track made by Atmozfears and Shockerz called Spiritual Abyss that you can still find on YouTube.

Regardless, if this happens, it will be an extremely high level collaboration. Atmozfears is very well known for his emotional and energetic tracks like Release and Keep Me Awake, not to mention all the big stages he’s been at throughout the years at places like Defqon.1, Hard Bass and Tomorrowland, to name a few. Shockerz also had smash hits back then, like Set Me Free, and Aftershock is blowing up within the scene with tracks like Reaching For The Stars.

Through this time, both artists’ sounds varied a lot, so if anything comes out of this studio encounter it will either be a new track, or an old one, but heavily reworked. Regardless, we’re very much looking forward to this!

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