After reinforcing their luxury roster with the amazing Betavoice last month, Dirty Workz strikes again and announces that they’ll have Pherato on board!

Pherato, real name Simone Perna, has been releasing with this alias on Scantraxx since 2014. He’s also released on Hard With Style and was featured on a release in the prestigious Revealed label, and has recently released a collaboration with Blasco on Dirty Workz.

Despite this, and the fact that he’s been booked to perform at big festivals like Decibel and Rebirth, he’s not very well know or widely acclaimed in the scene… but you can definitely tell he’s rather talented by listening to tracks like Falling Down, his remix of Sick Individual’s Never Say Never, Keep Rockin’ and Find The Way.

His first track on Dirty Workz will be Space and Time. If this is what his upcoming releases will sound like on this new chapter of his career, we’re definitely excited to hear more! Check out the preview below:

We’re looking forward to see what comes out of this, hopefully Pherato can gain some momentum within the scene and reach bigger stages more often! 

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