A six pack of heavy and fast beats has just been released by Toxic Inside, a dutch DJ/producer under the Triple Six Records label, known for his highspeed tracks and violent kicks. Master of The Night is the name that has been given to the EP and once you listen to it, it’ll be easy to understand the meaning behind the title.

All tracks are under the Uptempo Hardcore genre and carry a shadowy load with them by containing distorted screeches, wrathful vocals and frightening voices.

Make no mistake, this bag is presented to you with six solid rocks and there’s no space or time to take a breath. Take a look at their names and get to know what’s waiting for you:

  • Master Of The Night
  • G-Spot
  • FBI
  • In Control
  • Koffie Praktijken (Coffee Practices)
  • Panic

The EP is already available at the most known audio streaming platforms as well to be bought by DJ’s and producers at Hardtunes.com.

Will this Master successfully make a mark in your night? Give it a try and figure it out by yourself:

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