Norwegian DJ/Producer duo Da Tweekaz are the number one Hard Dance act with the most monthly Spotify listeners

The announcement was made on their social media, to the excitement of many fans and fellow DJ/Producers like Sephyx (which we were lucky enough to have on our radioshow), Destructive Tendencies and the Dirty Workz oficial account as well.

This is great news for the norwegian duo, composed of Kenth Kvien and Marcus Nordli, which over the last years have been making all the right moves, slowly earning them the status of Hard Dance legends. Combining their massive shows that always feature incredible energy with a constant flow of kickass tracks with powerful kicks and euphoric melodies, Da Tweekaz will surely always be remembered by their army of fans around the world.

In the beginning of June, they released “We Are Fighters” – which has been played all over the world – and more recently, they released their brand new track “Anything”, of which we wrote an article, you can check out here.

Two weeks ago, Portuguese fans were also lucky enough to enjoy for the first time the energy and power of a Da Tweekaz show, as they had their performance on Galp Beach Party.

We were lucky enough to interview Da Tweekaz, check that out in the link here!

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