It seems The Machine is about to have a very big collaboration with someone who decided to take an hiatus… After tracks like Chemistry Of Sound and Smokemachine, it seems we’ll see him back in the studio with Alphaverb!

In mid 2018 Alphaverb closed down his AVIO imprint with one final song, appropriately named Final Song. However, and as he later mentioned, this is the end of AVIO, but not Alphaverb. Regardless, he didn’t seem to leave much space for fans to hope for a new release from this master.

In last March, Alphaverb asked on social media if fans would like to see him collab with The Machine again, but also noted on the comments that he’s not been very active in the studio.

Now recently fans have been reporting that The Machine teased a collab with Alphaverb in his Instagram Stories, and even changed his bio to indicate that a new track is in the works!

Their previous collaborations have been amazing and we expect nothing but greatness out of this one. Both artists have been in the scene for a long time, so they most certainly know what to do and what fans expect (and how to properly surprise them…). Stay tuned for this banger!

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