Norwegian duo Da Tweekaz have released a brand spanking new track, in collaboration with D-Sturb called “Anything”

The DJ/Producer duo are among the craziest in the dance music world, specially in the hardstyle genre. Well known for throwing kickass parties, the norwegian duo has been on top of their game for years. Authors of hits like “Komon”, “Jaegermeister”, “Wodka” and remixes for Moana, Frozen, Scatman John’s “I’m a Scatman” and many more, Kenth Kvien and Marcus Nordli are straight legends of the game, and they’re just getting started.

Following their release on the beginning of June – “We Are Fighters” – and a bomb closing set on the first day of the Galp Beach Party this past weekend, where they showcased new music, old classics, and absolutely thrashed the thousands of fans that flocked to see them, they return with a brand spanking new track called “Anything”, in colaboration with well established talent D-Sturb

The track starts out with a simple melody and the vocals. From then, we go into the build-up and the first drop, which prepares us for what’s ahead. The breakdown features a simple yet powerful vocal, and the synth, energy-filled melodies we’ve grown to expect from the guys. The second drop cranks the emotion and energy to 1000, and makes you jump around as much as you can. A stellar collaboration from Da Tweekaz and D-Sturb, as they continue their streak of awesome singles and carry on the energy through 2019.

We were lucky enough to be able to ask them a few questions, check out the interview here!!

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