There’s always been a huge variety of sounds, genres and artists working towards those new sonorities and this is no excepetion. gardenstate have debuted their project and brand with a brand new release.

In fact, after several years working on a solo project, Marcus Schossow, mainly in the progressive house area and genre, he just joined forces with a friend of his, Matt Felner and both created a new division called gardenstate, a Melodic Techno faced project and with this brand new debut release – Charon – they show the world how far they can go and how talented both are.

On this one, you can easily get in the mood for dancing all night long while vibing to the melodies that go along the track. It really shows off how a simple track can develop so many emotions on you. It came out last Friday on Ruben De Ronde‘s imprint Statement Music and you can now listen to it on all platforms!

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