Popular for his mind-bending climaxes, harsh kick drums and incredible bass lines, Dither has shown he is one to watch out for through his debut album “The Architect”, his “Hardcore Rave” EP, and through his brand-new 18 track album “Tools of Demolition”!

The album starts with an intriguing intro, setting the mood and the atmosphere for what’s ahead. “Terminate” is the track that follows and wasting no time with melodies or intros, the track reaches a trap like first drop, that then grows faster and stronger until it becomes one of those Dither characteristic drops, with a heavy bassy kick and in the end a harsh second drop.

Several collaborations are also featured in this album, notoriously “Detonate” together with Cesqeaux, that through some catchy vocals reaches a hard hitting drop before exploding in a pulsing bassy kick drop that will remind you of artists like Gammer and Yultron but still maintaining Dither’s signature sounds nevertheless. “Blow The Speakers” follows the same path as “Detonate”, emphasizing even more the bouncy drop.

The diversity of kick drums and his ability to produce different styles of Hard Music managed by Dither are impressive, and plenty of these tracks don’t rely on just one style of drop, making every single one of Dither’s productions a delight to the ear and a surprise to the listener.

Previously released “The Get Down” together with Barong’s very own Mike Cervello and “Playing With Fire” with Deadly Guns also make the list of tracks in this phenomenal album.

“Soul Eater” is the final track from the album before the Outro and the artist opted on a Hardcore driven finale to get everyone raging one last time to this masterpiece of his. In a joyful and funny way, the Outro (named Mission Complete) focuses on hectic video game sounds to transmit the end of this beautiful album.

Having played at major festivals like Dominator, Defqon-1, Masters of Hardcore, Q-Base, and PRSPCT XL, Dither should not be an unknown name for you. This album is the culmination of his production evolution through the past 5 years and unless you give it a listen yourself, you won’t realize the beauty and intensity that resides.

What are you waiting for?! Don’t waste time and go listen to “Tools of Demolition” right now!

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