In a very sad post on social media, Prefix & Density announced that they’re splitting!

A shocking surprise for fans, but something that, according to the duo, has been on their minds for a while now. Wouter and Bas will be each going their own way, with Wouter continuing the duo’s legacy, with a new project, to which details will be forthcoming.

They cite the ever-changing landscape since they’ve started releasing music as the reason for this departure, and that this wasn’t an easy decision, but that it is the best one.

It’s worth it looking back at what this amazing duo has achieved. They started releasing tracks in 2011, on the Spoontech imprint. Then they quickly passed onto Theracords the following year, where they grew a lot as artists and dropped memorable tracks such as Soundwaves, Never Come Close, feat The Vision, W.U.F.U. and Just A Memory. In 2017 they’ve taken another huge step when joining Roughstate, and released their debut album on the Rough Recruits sub label earlier this year, which was an amazing piece of art that showcased how their sound evolved in an astonishing way throughout the years, and that we’ve reviewed with a very high score.

The duo is stopping at their highest point, and after conquering their place amongst the best on events like Defqon.1, Decibel, Intents, Tomorrowland, REBiRTH, Loudness and Emporium, to name a few.

In the meantime, they still have a few last performances together before they truly quit. One of these last performances will be this weekend at Defqon.1, so expect a packed INDIGO stage!

We wish both Bas and Wouter all the best in their lives and we’re looking forward to hear what Wouter has in store for us in the future!

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