Afterlife, the famous and well-known label based in Berlin, released, by the hand of the Italian duo Tale Of Us (the owners of the imprint), another compilation of the Realm of Consciousness series, the fourth one.

Realm Of Consciousness Part IV contains 20 unreleased tracks from the Afterlife’s regulars Recondite, Adriatique, Mind Against, Woo York and Vaal, as well as artists who have recently released works in the label: As:ther, Mathame, Agents Of Time, Inneallea, Fideles and Kevin De Vries. This compilation also features artists who have never previously collaborated with Afterlife: Colyb, Blausch, ANNA, ARTBAT, Coeus, Lyke, Murat Uncuoglu, Lehar & Aldebaran and ENØS. Many of these acts will perform at the residence of Afterlife at Hï Ibiza, running every Thursday from June 27 to October 3.

The sound encompasses everything Afterlife represents: introspective electronica, euphoric peak-time cuts and more subtle rollers. Twenty inspired interpretations of the sound Tale Of Us have developed. All tracks of this compilation have a common denominator that fully justifies the name of the series: it is as if the listener enters into a stream of consciousness, in which he absorbs all the tracks as if was a one long track, immersing himself throw the sound of penetrating melodies, improbable and contagious beats. It is as if he immerses in the realm of consciousness through a state of trance and unconsciousness.

Realm of Consciousness Part IV is out now on Afterlife Records and can be bought on Beatport. Out on 4 x 12″ vinyl and digital now!

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