After announcing they were in the studio with Adaro a couple of weeks ago, Clockartz started hinting on Instagram that they’re joining B-Front as well for a collab!

It seems Clockartz are extremely busy producing new music as of lately. Not only they have an album in the making, but they’re also putting in the time for high level collaborations, which will not be featured in said album, given that it will contain only music made by them. These collaborations also represent a clash between Italian and Dutch Hardstyle cultures, so the result should be rather interesting on both.

In what concerns this collaboration in specific, and just like Adaro, B-Front is an extremely talented and experienced producer that’s been on the Harder styles of dance music for a long time. Some of his most recent collabs were with names like Phuture Noize, Digital Punk, Degos & Re-Done and Adrenalize, and Clockartz recently had a major collab with Deetox, so you can definitely see none of these artists are lowering the bar and that their aim is high quality music!

Maybe some of these tracks will be premiered on Clockartz’s set next Sunday on Defqon.1! If you’re attending, be sure to stop by their show. You can also see the hints both artists dropped in their Instagram Stores here.

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