Indeed, the Anjunabeats label bosses Above & Beyond can’t spend a day without something new and today they’ve announced a brand new album, coming this July!

In fact, nearly celebrating the 350th episode of their well known radioshow Above & Beyond Group Therapy (in Prague) they’ve just announced they are releasing a brand new album, being this one the face of a new and different concept, with sounds like we’ve never heard from the guys.

It will come out on the 19th of July and it will be called Flow State. As they say, this will be an album ‘for yoga and meditation’ and if you listen to the promotion video they’ve released and the three new tracks they released today in order to premiere the project, you will quickly realize these are heartfelt tracks, that will bring you to a state of calm, peace and happiness, until you find your ‘Flow State’.

As referred above, these are tracks like you’ve never heard from them and you can only expect for it to be filled with good music. Meanwhile, check out the announcement video and the sampler they’ve released today:

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