Legendary producer Zany let everyone know via his socials that he’ll be releasing a new album, but with a caveat… This album is made of “old” material! Zany went back in time and did fresh sounds that are heavily inspired in Hardstyle from 2005 until 2012.

Zany is a veteran DJ and producer that’s been long connected with the Hard Dance scene and has been a part of the Hardstyle scene almost since the very beginning. His roots are in the Hardcore from the 90’s, as he was part of the Shadowlands Terrorists back then, and he’s been part of the very well acclaimed Fusion Records crew since the early 2000’s. He’s made widely known tracks throughout the years that are responsible for shaping Hardstyle as we know it today, such as Be On Your Way, Sky High, Pure, Worship and Until The End, as well as anthems for Qlimax in 2005, Defqon.1 Australia in 2009 and Decibel in 2011, just to name a few tracks from his very extensive catalog. As of lately he’s also experimented with broader interpretations on what Hardstyle should sound, making tracks that fit in the “Freestyle” sound that many people in the scene are very fond of. He’s also part of the famous act Donkey Rollers, and ZazaFront, who are known for Dikke Vette Bassplaat, the famous “left-right” track known for being in Defqon.1’s Power Hour

With all that in mind, I believe we can safely say that there aren’t many in a position of being able to make an Early/Classic Hardstyle themed album… And there aren’t many who can be up to this task like Zany is! You can check the first preview of the album below, and you can look forward to the track Wolf, which will be out this Friday! DNA will be out in late July.

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