LX Music, a native of the city of Lisbon, as the name implies, has become one of the biggest national promoters of events in the spectrum of underground music, promoting huge parties in the Portuguese capital with impressive lineups. However, this summer, the organization wanted to go further and take underground culture, as a norm associated with the city and the industrial, the countryside and outdoor spaces. Thus, the LX Music Open Air was born, which will be held on July 5 at Sesimbra Natura Park.

The Italian Luigi Madonna (recently in Portugal, at Pedra do Couto), from Adam Beyer’s Drumcode label, is the third confirmation for the festival. With a vast experience of more than 20 years, his ever-present enthusiasm and smile contaminate powerful and vibrant techno, ranging from industrial to minimal techno, with dry and imposing bass, lively basslines, vocal snippets in the metallic tones, and always ready to try something new that surprises the clubbers.

In addition to Madonna, the names of the British BEC, from Pan-Pot’s Second State label, and the Italian Enrico Sangiuliano, one of the Drumcode’s icons, have also been confirmed. From BEC you can expect a techno with a powerful bassline with sometimes minimal sometimes obscure melodies, in a style very similar to her homonym and compatriot Rebekah. Sangiuliano does not need presentations: always with the pace at maximum, has a record very difficult to define because of his versatility, but stands out above all for a dry and ‘snapped’ beat, to which he mixes very dense and dark synthesized chords.

Tickets are currently in the first release and can be purchased on the LX Music website for 15 euros. If you’re in the Lisbon area and enjoy techno, but do not like being ‘smashed’ in a disco, take this opportunity before the price goes up.

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