Earlier today Deluzion, a very talented duo that has been releasing mostly on the Fusion Records label, announced that they’ll be switching to Scantraxx, more precisely to the Scantraxx Silver sub label.

If you don’t know them yet, here’s why you should have them in your “ones to watch” list! About 3 years ago they started releasing on the legendary Fusion label, but they’ve started being more involved with the producing and DJ’ing side of Hardstyle about 8 years ago, focusing mostly in performing at local parties. Around 2014, both members met at one of these parties and eventually decided to join together, and Deluzion was born a year after. Some of their standout tracks are Die Doing It, their remix of W.A.R. from B-Front and Re-Volt and Our Kingdom, a track they had the chance to release on the amazing Roughstate label. They have also had the chance to perform at big festivals such as Defqon.1, Intents and WiSH Outdoor.

This is a great step in this duo’s career because Fusion isn’t the very sought after launching platform for young artists that it was a few years ago, with many users online even saying that the label is “dead”. Here’s to hoping this is a great step that will help them achieve even more big festivals and bigger stages!

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