Back in the 6th, Q-Dance released a teaser video with just a date, and not much else. There was immediately a buzz on what could it be about. On the 10th, a similar video was released stating that there would be news on Q-Dance Records, ruling out a possibility of a new festival. The video showed a “V” in it that left everyone wondering what it referred to.

Today Q-Dance has shown us what this was all about: Clockartz will release their debut album Chord V on Q-Dance Records! This also solves the mysterious V entry in Impaqt’s lineup, which we now know that it will be an album showcase.

After being in the news for their upcoming collaboration with Adaro this week it seems this duo didn’t stop there in what concerns surprising their fans and the community.

The announcement video starts with an orchestral intro, making us feel like this would be great for a film score. The melody feels somewhat mechanical, but in a pleasant way. The track gains intensity with a melody that’s more like what we expect out of a Hardstyle track and drops in a very energetic way! Throughout there are also smooth vocal elements that complete the whole experience.

According to the artists, this album will be “a conceptual album, a story that we want to tell. There are no remixes, and no collaborations with other artists. This album is 100% Clockartz.”. And albums that have a specific story to tell are always the best! From this, and taking into account the duo’s track record, we can expect an album that represents very well what Hardstyle should be about.

The album will be out in September. In the meantime, be sure to check out the preview of the lead single and title track for the it below:

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