Being one of the biggest labels around, Dirty Workz has an absolute all star roster with artists such as the founder Coone, Hard Driver, Sephyx, Sub Zero Project and Da Tweekaz, to name a few. This roster has recently grown to include the Russian talent Betavoice!

Betavoice, real name Alex Skurtul, started producing in 2008 and has been releasing for about 8 years already, first under the Alex Sance alias, which he quickly dropped, becoming Betavoice when signing for Lussive Music (A-Lusion’s label) in 2012. In 2015 he started releasing at X-Bone, doing a last release at Lussive the following year, and has been with X-Bone ever since. Despite being somewhat under the radar, Alex has always been a very creative artist with interesting tracks. His sounds are mostly melodic and uplifting, and some of his career highlights are a collaboration with A-Lusion himself named Reach You, Fight To The Finish with MC Sik-Wit-It and also Voices Of Hardstyle.

The move to Dirty Workz may prove to be an extremely good one for the artist. He’ll now be on a bigger label that should allow him to progress in his career and reach bigger stages and a wider audience. He’s certainly got what it takes to do so… So we’ll see where he goes from now on!

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