Author of a marvelous and beautiful Album, RESOLUTE, Sephyx gives a whole new meaning to Hardstyle, whether it is through his mind-blowing melodies or hard-hitting drops, he always makes sure to gift you his heart through his music. Because talent like his deserves to be showcased, we have prepared this very special interview for all of you to enjoy!


Wide Future [WF]: Your entry in the Hardstyle world was through Hard Music Records (which is well known in Portugal for their We Love Hardstyle parties). How was it signing a contract with a reasonably well established label at such a young age?

Sephyx: Hey Wide Future! Thank you for reaching out to me and for the continuous support! When I got to sign the contract for Hard Music Records I was really excited, because I knew this would be the beginning of a new chapter in my life. One that would define me.

[WF]: And regarding Dirty Workz, how did you get in contact with them? Or did they reach out to you?

Sephyx: I started by sending my music in a package to various labels as I felt it was the next step in my musical carreer. Of course it took a while before I got any replies but never giving up, one day I got multiple interested parties. I felt that Dirty Workz was the best choice that would fit me as an artist and person and It has definitely been the best decision!

[WF]: Your passion for guitars is well known. Is the guitar part on tracks like Monster and Solaris yours? And do you plan to include live guitars in your future productions or even in live performances?

Sephyx: Yes! All the guitar you can hear in my tracks are recorded by myself, this including other stuff like chords and pluck sounds from tracks like ‘Wild Love’ ‘Almost Home’ and many more.  I will keep on doing so in the future of course! I currently don’t have any plans in including guitar in live performance, but never say never.

[WF]: The Earth seems to be a recurring theme on your productions, any particular reasoning for this?

Sephyx: This was indeed a theme when I freshly signed to Dirty Workz. I felt that at that time those elements could represent different harder styles and I tried to blend them with tracks.

[WF]: How long did it took you to perfect that “chicken” sound in Gallinaceo and how did the idea came about?

Sephyx: Honestly the idea just popped into my head and I don’t recall exactly how I came up with it, it was simply an impulse haha. Adding distortion and a slight bit of equalizing made the sound really easy to make and it didn’t take me long at all, hence I created a very short but funny ‘tutorial’

[WF]: What was the inspiration for Crime For Love’s lyrics? A crime for love sounds dangerous!

Sephyx: I created the track with my friend ‘Persons’ who wrote the lyrics and vocals for it. So you’d have to ask him! 🙂

[WF]: You’ve had a guest release on Hard With Style, how did that come about?

Sephyx: After I went to visit Qlimax in 2016 which was also the comeback of the act ‘Project One’ from Headhunterz and Wildstylez, it gave me such an inspiration boost to create the track ‘Future’ I felt that it would fit best on a label such as ‘Hard With Style’ so I got in contact with the a&r of HWS and we decided to release that track there.

[WF]: You’ve had a few guest releases on Revealed and you had the chance to work with the master himself, Hardwell. How did this come about and how did this impact your career?

Sephyx: It impacted my career greatly and opened up many opportunities, it was also in a time where Hardstyle collaborations with artists from other genres were fairly rare. So being the first one to do a full Hardstyle track with Hardwell had a big impact on the scene. We’re both from the same hometown, like other big artists such as Tiësto, W&W, R3hab, Dannic, Kill The Buzz and many more. We got in contact through my dad who is a realtor. I showed him some of my music and he really liked it. He also told me he’s been a Hardstyle fan for a very long time and was always interested in creating Harstyle.

[WF]: You also collaborated with Robert Falcon, how was this experience, and is collaborating with artists that are seemingly unrelated to Hardstyle planned for the future?

Sephyx: It’s always interesting to work with artists that aren’t fully Hardstyle producers because they have a different look on the genre and have different ideas. This way new things could be invented. I’m always open to work with artists from different genres, because music is music after all.

[WF]: A couple of years ago you’ve done the amazing feat of remixing Coone’s Chapter 20.12 in only 90 minutes! We all know Coone likes these kinds of challenges, but how about you, do you like them? And would you be open to do something like Coone did with his The Challenge album?

Sephyx: Yeah! It was definitely a cool challenge and it went extremely well. It’s also a yes and no. I don’t like pressure when working on music because I think music should come from the heart and when doing a challenge like this things tend to sound rushed. But it also showed what I could do in 90 minutes to myself and the world and it felt really accomplishing. As for an album challenge, I don’t think it’s ever going to happen. I’m always up for new ideas, but this has already been done and shouldn’t be done twice in my opinion. Besides, I’ve just released a brand new album!

[WF]: What’s the best advice you’d give to young producers like yourself that want to breakthrough? Any pitfalls they should avoid?

Sephyx: The music industry is definitely one of the toughest industries out there. But if you work hard and do what you love doing most you can achieve the unthinkable. This is what RESOLUTE is all about. It’s about setting a goal and achieving that goal, no matter what gets in your way.

[WF]: RESOLUTE was a really great album that got a very respectful score in our review. What’s next for Sephyx and how will you surprise us after such a great album?

Sephyx: Thank you so much! I’m really humbled to hear these reactions on my album. I have a few things lined up for the future and I’ll keep working hard to keep the content high. There are some cool projects that I’m working on right now but you’ll have to see that for yourself in the future!

Thanks a lot for having me and I wish you all the best of luck!

– Xander a.k.a Sephyx –


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