On the 25th May, the Dutch DJ and Producer Martin Garrix injured his ankle during a show at OMNIA in Las Vegas. Right after the injury, Garrix tried to continue the show, but had to go to the hospital.

According to the press statement, Martin Garrix has to cancel, at least, the next 4 weeks of upcoming shows, “Even though feeling positive after some days of rest, further examinations have determined that all his ankle ligaments are torn and surgery is needed to prevent permanent damage to his ankle”. 

Also according to the press statement, Martin Garrix says that he is “devastated” that he has to cancel these shows but it is needed, otherwise “If I [Garrix] won’t get a surgery now I might permanently damage my ankle, which could mean I won’t be able to perform anymore” and also that he hopes “to be able to get back on stage to perform for you guys again really soon” .

That’s what we hope as well. Get well soon!

You can read the full press statement here:

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