In this week’s episode of our Imminent Radioshow, we are very excited to bring you Mayze X Faria, who already count with plenty of original tracks, such as “Stay Alone” & “Pulse”, more recently “Eivissa” released under the English label Snatch Records, and “Mussulo” who traveled the world to see its release in the Australian label, Sweat it Out

Having seen themselves sharing the stage with some of this world’s greatest names we took our time, as per usual, to interview these incredibly talented individuals to help you learn a little bit more about their journey.

How did you start in the music industry?

We both started very young, even when vinyl reigned in the electronic music market. Of course, we started with our parties for friends where our music was still a bit strange, given our age and party contexts at the time,
but we quickly set up residences in clubs and started our walk to where we are today. Later we started producing our first original in 2007, 2008 where the dissemination and contacts with labels was a bit difficult for young producers. Not to stop believing and our love for music, never left us to fight for this dream and way of life. That is why there have been 13 years we are together in this project.

Biggest inspiration and why?

I think all of us at the beginning have our inspirations but over the years we are always winning ours. I remember that at the time they went through Daft Punk, Deep Dish, X Prees 2, etc. Over time, new inspirations appear. But answering your question our greatest inspiration was Jean Michel Jarre no doubt even today it surprises us.

Obstacles you came across and how did you overcome them.

It is always difficult to leave Amares village and want to conquer and show the world our music. But I think that’s what gave us more strength and persistence to fight and overcome the barriers and the many stones that we found on the way. One piece of advice we can give to all young producers is to follow what they really like and to get the music out of them and to always believe in their own worth. And put that word always in front of you – Persistence.


And because persistence is key, you will be able to catch their sounds in one of Portugal’s biggest Electronic Music Festival, Dancefloor, on the 26th of July, delivering one of their memorable sets in what seems just one of their many stops in their X Summer Tour 2k19.

In the meantime, they have prepared for us an incredible guest-mix to help us celebrate the 5th episode of our Imminent Radioshow! And featuring tracks by FormatB, Fisher, Holmes John and starting out with their very own gem, “Mussulo” make sure to hear this gentle warm-up for what’s ahead!

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