This weekend, Hardstyle wonder boy Atmozfears rocked the stage on Intents Festival together with the legend Brennan Heart and premiered a new track, while MC Villain was his voice to drop huge news…

But first things first – Atmozfears will be responsible for this year’s Decibel anthem! He since then confirmed via his social media that the anthem is indeed his. He’s got a very nice track record in what concerns anthems and has already made an one for Decibel in the past, for the 2015 edition. It seems he kept the summer vibes from his previous anthem, which suits the festival in question perfectly, as Decibel always takes place in the peak of summer.

The other news came from Villain, who said Atmozfears will be having a new album! We can say that this is his first full length album. He’s only released a Mini Album on Scantraxx back in 2016, and a very limited edition USB stick in the same year, which was more of a compilation that contained his Mini Album and unreleased tracks (edits, mashups and remixes).

Atmozfears has amassed a huge fan base in the last few years, so we can already expect this album to be a huge success even before we hear any previews! If you don’t yet know him, be sure to check out some of his tracks below.

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