Q-Dance took it to their website this morning to let fans know that there will be no Defqon.1 Australia this year. According to the organizer, the event has been “postponed indefinitely” due to the usual venue dropping their support for the event and for the fact that no suitable replacement venue was found.

This follows the controversy last year when many were hospitalized and two people lost their lives due to drug abuse. Back then, government representatives expressed intentions to not allow the festival to take place anymore, only to reconsider this later on, stating that to continue, the festival couldn’t be held as it’s been until then. Later on, the idea was to have the festival relocate to Canberra, so that it could be in a place where a pill testing facility could be deployed. It seems that Q-Dance couldn’t find a venue that satisfied them in time for this year. The Hardstyle community is gutted, with many fans expressing their discontent on socials, and artists as well, some in a peculiar way like Firelite on his Instagram, as you can see below.

Hopefully the festival can return next year, bigger and better, and authorities can bet on harm reduction measures that can change everyone’s perceptions on drugs.

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