Back in early March, discussion around Deetox’s upcoming album, Revival, started coming to life on social media, as we’ve reported. Back then, the artist released the first part of this album, named Fallen, a 5 track EP.

This week’s release is the second part of Revival, named On The Edge. This EP features 5 tracks as well, including collaborations with the duo Clockartz, with Bass Chaserz, and tracks with vocals from Elyn and Alee.

As Deetox mentioned, these EP’s making up the album are about her story in the last couple of years, and that does seem to be quite about right. While the first EP is somewhat dark, with tracks like Inside My Head and Fallen, this one is a bit more uplifting with material like Determination, and The World Is Mine, a track that will make you want to stand up and fulfill your goals! Given that Diana mentioned that this album would be about her last couple of years, the story seems to be told beginning on when she was struck by lightning before Defqon.1 in 2017 up until her return now, and the artworks for both Fallen and On The Edge seem to match this.

It seems that Deetox is on a roll, so it shouldn’t take long for part 3 to be out! Be sure to stay tuned, and have a listen to the latest release below:

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