One of Portugal’s hottest names, CØDE, is back and eager to show his worth once again, with his brand new release, that holds the name, I Like You”.

Released under Sony Music Sweden and working side by side with Jon Becker’s vocals, Gonçalo (CØDE) manages to capture every beautiful detail from his voice, in a melodious track, that brings to the surface some gorgeous summer vibes. The choppy vocals used in the drop make for the perfect summer anthem, and its name, “I Like You“, is exactly what we would say while adressing this track that makes you feel a sudden urge to dance, groove and jam to its sound.

As many may know, CØDE is his solo project, with him also being ½ of the Club Banditz duo, and he seems to be taking advantage of the best of both worlds. Exploring the depths of electronic music, his solo persona seems to allow him to let his imagination and creativity loose.

His previously released track, “RIDE”, finds a way to express his persona and drift off from the genre he’s used to, with this one taking a more radio like route with a more commercial sound. But don’t get us wrong as this is one of the most admirable productions of his and shows how diverse and creative he can really be.

CØDE was our 21st Future Connection and with some spicy ID’s featured in that episode, you sure won’t want to miss out on it

With 2019 proving to be one of his biggest years to date, and with everything he still has in store, you better believe you’re in for a treat! “I Like You” is out now, so go ahead and check it out!

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