Legendary Hardcore producer Ophidian announced this week on social media that he’d be responsible for Harmony of Hardcore’s theme song.

We can already tell this is going to be a quality anthem given who’s producing it and by the way the small snippet in the announcement video sounds. Ophidian has a huge track record in the scene, and has proven his worth with all his productions. Given these news, it’s worth highlighting and remembering some of his past anthems, such as Destination Underground with Endymion for the Hardshock Festival in 2013, Hardcore Unity, in collaboration with Ruffneck for Festival Island in 2014 and Beyond Dusk & Dawn, together with Hamunaptra, in that very same year for Ground Zero, the astonishing Fire for Q-Base 2015’s OST, as well as Inception By Sound for Qore 3.0 in 2011.

As for the event itself, it packs an extremely respectable lineup, composed of very well known names in Hardcore and other subgenres related to it, such as Frenchcore and Uptempo, and you can check it out here. Ophidian isn’t performing live this year as he did back in 2011, however we’re sure it will still be worth it checking out his performance!

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