It has come to our attention that many party goers that have attended Qapital this year are being sent a survey, via email, from Q-Dance.

It seems this organization really wants to know what fans attending their events want for the upcoming editions. Apparently, Q-Dance is exploring the possibility of making Qapital a day time event, and asked what party goers think of this. Fans were also inquired about if they’d be up for an afterparty at a nearby location, as well as if they’d like Hardcore or Uptempo at the event.

Feedback online has been slowly coming out on these matters, with a few voices in favor of a day time event. And if we look closely, day time events have had success in the Hard Dance scene, both in single day and multiple day events – we have great examples between big and small events, like Defqon.1, Decibel, Intents, Dominator, Shockerz and Origins, just to name a few. So this is definitely something many people are familiar with and would be up for. However, the inclusion of a Hardcore artist may be a little more controversial, as the event is quite oriented to Hardstyle, and to a very specific kind – the so called “Raw” and “Xtra Raw” subgenres.

In the end, fans will speak their mind via the surveys, and we’re sure it is in Q-Dance’s best interest to go with the trend and make most, if not all changes that fans would love to see!

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