One of the artists that made this year’s Defqon.1 anthem, KELTEK, released his part of the anthem separately.

Not only this is big news because it is about the anthem of what’s probably the biggest party in the harder styles, it is also a relevant topic due to the fact that back when the anthem was first announced, Q-Dance made sure to highlight that the three artists (Phuture Noize, KELTEK and Sefa) would be responsible for one single anthem.

The “three artists, one anthem” idea was initially received with mixed feelings, as we’ve highlighted back then. Despite this, it was a pretty good idea that did result in something unique that’s rarely been seen on the Hard Dance scene. In the end, the anthem does sound like 3 separate anthems (and was made like so as the three artists explained), and with KELTEK individually releasing his part of the anthem, the conversation on the topic stirred up again. Some may argue that the execution of this great ideia was poor and that Q-Dance is admitting defeat by having the parts of the anthem released separately. But there’s also another point of view that we find extremely relevant – not only separately releasing the anthem as parts make sense for DJ’s, but for fans as well. For DJ’s, it makes it easier for them to play a particular part of the anthem that best suits their styles and what they like. For fans, it means they will be able to better enjoy the part of the anthem they prefer.

In the end what matters is the final result, and I believe we can all agree that all of the artists captured the essence of the festival in their own style and made a good job in their parts of the anthem. However, if this was exactly what Q-Dance had in mind when joining these three artists or not, we’ll probably never know.

You can stream KELTEK’s part of the anthem below, and it is expected that the other two parts will soon be individually released as well.


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