After months of waiting, and after being played on festivals last summer, we finally see World Renowned, a collaboration between legends D-Block & S-te-Fan and Isaac, being released!

The track is an absolute hymn and a love letter to the whole genre. The catchy vocals say it all: Hardstyle is world renowned, an universal sound that will always be around all over the world, and it is not only music – it’s something very deep in the fans DNA and it will never fade away! This is definitely a message that resonates in a very special way with listeners of the harder styles.

The intro kicks off with a kick and bass that will definitely wake up any crowd at a festival and winds down with a soft melody embedded with summer vibes. Another very distinctive element here is the astonishing melody. It’s a very catchy one, so any crowd should remember it and sing along! Hopefully you’ll be able to hear this live, either abroad, or late this summer on Dancefloor where the duo will perform.

You can find this track below for streaming. Play it loud!

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