A new massive collab in the Hardcore scene has just came out with a single track. The two names involved are N-Vitral, a man that has been in the spotlight in the past months for his “Mainstream Mutilators” album released in the last year, as well for Syndicate’s 2018 anthem and, of course, for the recent heavy stone dropped for Masters of Hardcore event, being its official anthem for this year’s edition. 

The other artist behind this project is Deadly Guns, a name that has been building up his reputation around interesting tracks and becoming a known character in Hardcore events.

Hard music fans that enjoy N-Vitral’s sounds are used to a mixture of regular Hardcore speed to some really fast and strong beats, which have a regular presence in his sets, and this is also an aspect of Deadly Guns’ products, in fact, recent releases from this man are turned to some solid 200 BPM’s. 

For the second time, after “Psycho” last year, N-Vitral and Deadly Guns decided to combine tastes in the studio and produce “Ill Street Blues”, a track that includes Hip Hop vocals from the music that must have been the original inspiration and possesses this very same name.  

The sort of synths and kicks that fans are used to listen from these two are all present and the speed is around some firm 190 BPM’s, enough speed to not be considered mainstream but not enough to be labeled as Uptempo stuff.

Down here you can take a sip from this Hardcore cocktail:

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