Yesterday, on a post in his socials, Uncaged let his fans know that he’ll be responsible for this year’s Outlands Festival anthem, together with MC Livid!

Although Uncaged isn’t entirely new to the scene, he still doesn’t have a big production track record, neither did he make any anthem yet. Despite this, after being featured on Q-Dance presents NEXT, he’s had successful and well received releases on labels like WE R, Rough Recruits, and he was also featured on a collab with D-Attack on Bring The Riot, so he seems to be on a really good path. He’s had his fair share of success with recent releases like The Wave and his remix of Sub Sonik’s M.F Psycho.

So far, Uncaged shows he can handle himself well on live performances, and on the studio as well, where he’s partnered at least once with the legend Alphaverb in the past. It seems that he’s learned well and now has what he needs to make a great path on the Hardstyle scene and a great anthem!

This is another artist everyone should have their eyes on, so be sure to stay tuned for this anthem’s release!

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