The Portuguese DJ and producer Pete K is back to the releases and this time presents a new theme that will make the whole audience dance.

Pedro Caldeira, known in the electronic music world for Pete K, is getting more and more successful thanks to his work and this time he presents his new theme “Soul Heaven” with Stevie Krash and Al Sharif.

This time Pete K followed a style a little different from what he has been doing, a change that was however quite positive, showing the versatility of the Portuguese DJ and the ability to evolve. A music with a very positive vibe and a groove that makes anyone want to dance.

This was also a big step for Pete K to launch this new theme and to be included in a Mix of Kryder and with a release on the same label, Kryteria Records, something that also influenced this theme of the Portuguese DJ. All this shows the great work that has been done by Pete K.

It was also an important milestone to release some tracks like “Insomnia” or “Like This” on Release Records, label of the duo Third Party, being “Like This” with the duo.

Listen below to the new music of Pete K “Soul Heaven”:

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