We are back for the second episode of the Imminent Radioshow, were this time, we bring you 23 year old Portugues talent, Khamix. Through his marvelous melodies, his track “Alone” together with Tigue, is an incredible Future Bass anthem featuring a bouncy catchy drop with a banger melody.

“How was your start as an artist?”

In the beginning, all about making music was just for fun. It all started at school, when I downloaded a Music Drum Pad App to start making some random beats. That sparkle evolved until I installed FL Studio.
I used to watch around 6 hours of tutorials a day on youtube during the first couple months. Then I started making some remakes and exploring other artist’s projects, which helped me a lot!

“Who’s your biggest inspiration?”

My greatest inspiration of all the time, has to be Avicii for being the best at everything, melody, harmonics and for giving music that emotion we can feel when listening to his tracks. I used to say, when asked, that he was the guy who helped me more in the beggining, because of his video “Avicii in the studio – The Making of Dancing In My Head” which was the tutorial that I watched and which taught me the most!

“Which obstacles have you faced along the way and how did you surpass them?”

For me the biggest obstacle I ever had (and still have)is regarding the mixed feelings and certain situations that block me and prevent me from improving being more productive. Overthinking and internal pressure, are the real causes of that.
The further you reach, as an artist, the more you demand from yourself. That’s good, but sometimes that’s what gets you down.

Everyday is a new day, a new beggining. And thats how I try to cope deal with these problems.
My advice would be to take some time out of music and do some physical activities, it helps a lot!


Having received support from artists like Alok, KEVU, BL3ND, Karetus amongst other, his music has been progressing and evolving through the years, turning him into the talented producer he is today!

Featuring tracks by Malaa, Nicky Romero, Breathe Carolina and plenty more, Khamix delivered an outstanding mix for this very exciting episode of our brand-new Imminent Radioshow.

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