Dark, noisy and heavy sounds have always been representative of the underground music and this is what Traumatic stands for. The belgian label was originally founded in Ghent by Xaero and Requiem with the purpose of organizing Hardcore underground parties back in 2012 but, 2 years later, that would grow up into what it is today, a label that is responsible for releasing tracks with a strong shadowy environment, full of low-pitched voices and distorted kicks. 

With a wide range of styles that include Slowcore, Techno, Doomcore, Hardcore and its variants, Traumatic has space for a large variety of tastes when it comes to electronic dance music and yesterday’s (16th April) disclosure proves it with the release of “Audible Coordinates”, an album that comes to life from the underground artist Mindwalker, one of the most diverse under this label. 

This album doesn’t diverge from the genres that define Traumatic, once it is possible to find quite different music styles, coming from slower and with a sad vibe tracks to some raw and distorted sounds that involve a strongly present kick that end in a wicked tune.

Traumatic usually releases its albums and related tracks on the free to use platform, Soundcloud, and Mindwalker’s new album maintains this strategy.

Audible Coordinates counts with 14 tracks that might make you feel standing in a devilish place and that’s why Traumatic’s releases are only for a few, which makes it underground and special.

Try out these intense sounds:

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