Sub Zero Project showcase all their power and ability to merge Euphoric and Raw Hardstyle vibes into their style on their debut album

Last week, Sub Zero Project released their debut album, titled Contagion. The superstar rising duo has been even on the mouths of the world ever since their first experiment, “The Project”, back in 2017 and, lately, their anthem for Qlimax 2018, “The Game Changer”.

Their album couldn’t have had a better starting track than “Patient Zero”, as the track longs our hunger to hear more of this throughout the compilation – stunning kicks with a nice melody and a captivating theme vocal. The track title is also one of the few related with the album title, as a patient zero is technically the start of a contagion.

Then we have “Darkest Hour (The Clock)” and “The Contagion”, the album title track. Both were the only ones to be released before the album and both premiered at Qlimax 2018. 

As for the first one, it sounds like a god-made collaboration, with D-Block & S-Te-Fan also showing what they are made of; the result? An amazing melody mixed with a kick and drop style that outstands anything else featured among the album tracks.

Then the second one, a symphonic sound combined with inspired vocals about Sub Zero Project’s path in music. The contagion as a true meaning refers to their music being spread all over, with great music seekers following them more day by day. A track where you can feel the album’s whole essence.

The next on the list, “Break The Game”, brings another of the breakthrough artists of the moment, KELTEK. The man that this year has already been responsible for the Reverze and part of the Defqon.1 anthems granted SZP another successful collaboration, with one the best melodies in the whole album being placed in this track. The title (and vocals) for this one suit perfectly the artists involved in it.

The fifth track, “Be My Guide”, highlights once again Sub Zero Project path (in this case, their guidance and their aims in appealing for their fanbase), with the best vocal within the their album, arguably. Another solo delight by the duo.

Number six brings another collaboration between Phuture Noize and the album makers, named “Call Of The Sacred”, and unlike some people expected, we can’t state this one as a true follow-up to their first work together “We Are The Fallen”. The track has a clear Trance influence noticed on its note variation through the melody and it’s fair to say it tastes bittersweet. Some people may actually come to love it, while others can call it a small disappointment.

Then we have the bell ring again, as “Amen”, SZP’s brand new collaboration with Headhunterz literally brings us back to “Our Church”, as premiered at Hard Bass 2019. Briefly comparing the two of them: it is a real follow-up, but it also sounds different and it’s not fair to say one is better than the other. We can only say it just matched the expectations created for their new combination.

In eighth place, we have the intro track played at Hard Bass 2019 by Frequencerz & Sub Zero Project (and Phuture Noize), “The Source”, combining the capabilities of an old and a rising duo. Another anthem kind of melody in the pocket mixed with inspiring vocals once again, pointing maybe to SZP’s source of aspiration to become superstars back in the day? Or rather a reward for SZP’s remix for Rockstar included in Frequencerz 2016 album “Medium Rare”? That we can’t know exactly for sure…

For number nine, “All Night”, it speeds up a bit than regular Hardstyle. A night cracker that promises to spend almost all of the energy left. The vocals from Bryant Powell appear as catchy and flawless giving another dimension to the solo track apart from the amazing kick (driving us back to 2017 and their “Burn” remix for DJ Isaac).

The finish line was saved for a well-named track, given it is the end of this album journey. With vocals from the one and only, MC Villain, “The Solution” proves to be meant for the purpose it serves and appeals once again to the album theme, as the vocals talk about a way of spreading a contagion.

Overall, “The Contagion” is an outstanding album full of bangers, anthem-like tracks, unique kicks, catchy melodies and the average listener wouldn’t be able to say it was nothing but positive. Undoubtedly. It showcases the last footsteps of one of the most exciting duos in Hardstyle nowadays, especially in what concerns Rawphoric: euphoric melodies combined with dark kicks, setting up an incredible atmosphere created by those main elements.

The album’s only flaw is, perhaps, being less than 40 minutes long, although from the 10 tracks the average is roughly 4 minutes, which is great. Many great tracks already finished by Sub Zero Project had to be taken apart for some reason and releasing a 10- track album where its content has this level they have set… that’s not for everyone!

You can stream the album below:

[REVIEW] Sub Zero Project debut album is an ode to Rawphoric
Favorite Tracks
  • Patient Zero
  • Contagion
Least Favorite Tracks
  • Call Of The Sacred
9.2Overall Score

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