The organization of Industria Club has announced that Blond:ish will make her debut at the Porto’s nightclub next April 27. This is also the first time of the Canadian DJ and producer in Porto; in Portugal, she has already played at Brunch Electronik Lisbon in 2016 and at the theme party Get Leg in 2017, also in the capital.

Blond:ish is the name of a duo who 11 years ago joined Vivie-Ann Bakos and Anastascia D’Elene in the Montreal’s underground scene. In 2010 they moved to London, where they began to produce in studio. They released in 2015 their debut album Welcome to the Present in the well-known Kompakt Records. They also have residences in Ibiza’s Circoloco and Burning Man’s Robot Heart, as well as a set in Tomorrowland last year. However, since January of this year the use of the plural no longer makes sense. Since then, the project has kept its name, but it is only in the hands of the environmental activist Vivie-Ann. It is too early to evaluate this new phase of the project. For now, only a remix of the track “Wish You Were Here” by Black Coffee, which shows a style that resembles a soft beach house, with tribal percussion and melodies with pianos and synthesizers, which is not so different from the recording of the duo.

The resident DJ of Industria, Vasco Valente, will be on the warm-up, while the closing will be in charge of aamaa, a mysterious project started in Porto last year, with house and disco tones.

Tickets are already on sale on the xceed platform for 10 euros.

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