The big name of the Hardcore genre, Angerfist, will release an EP on Monday 15th April, and this is not like any other past EP’s or albums, this one has a unique feature of being only composed by remixes of older Angerfist tracks.

Even though Angerfist has released a successful album less than one year and a half ago, he’s had already left a clue about something big to come up this year and here it is. The number one Hardcore producer and DJ has given permission for some familiar names in the scene like Audiofreq and not so big like Treachery to be part of the six (beside himself) artists/duos to remix tracks that work as a reference to the scene, giving space to expect a lot from it, once the variety of styles is quite large (from rawstyle to industrial and uptempo) and, of course, because of the still unknown work by a lot of people from some of these names.

These are the names of the tracks that set up the Remix Retribution EP: 

  • Angerfist – Still A Full Gentle Racket (Angerfist 2019 Refix)
  • Angerfist – Street Fighter (Audiofreq Remix)
  • Angerfist – Send Me To Hell (The Satan Remix)
  • Kid Morbid – Regrets (Obsession Remix)
  • Angerfist – Burn This MF Down (Treachery Remix)
  • Angerfist – Right Through Your Head (Detest Remix)
  • Angerfist – My Critic Fetish (Para Italia & Madnezz Remix)

Some heavy weights are resting on these chosen artists’ shoulders, will the pressure create some diamonds? Fans will be able to find out days before the official releasing on the Youtube platform, starting today (10th April) with a premiere for each track. Check the playlist with the already released tracks below!

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