Aussie DJ/Producer duo New World Sound return after a very long pause with a new type of… well… sound called “Melt”

Remember New World Sound? They were hailed as the next big thing 6 years ago, following the release of their single “Flute” feat. Thomas Newson. The duo composed of Tyrone James and Jesse Taylor were heavyweights in the golden age of big room, releasing singles like “The Buzz”, “Aye” and “How To Twerk”. They experienced great success in 2014, but slowed down their single output in 2015 and 2016, eventually coming to a halt. Now, 3 years later, the duo is expecting to jumpstart their project back to life with a completely new sound with new single “Melt”.

“Melt” is a record with psychedelic influences but still true to NWS’s roots. The track starts out with a hauntingly beautiful vocal that compliment perfectly the basslike and simple guitar-based melody.  The pre-drop chorus is very fitting (when I’m with you my face melts) for the drop, which features a Brazilian-bass kind of sound and dark vibes all around. The breakdown features the same plucky guitar sound, always accompanied by the emotive vocal and emotional lyrics. It’s certainly very different from what we were used to from New World Sound, for sure, but a very welcome change that shows great promise for the future! We wish New World Sound all the best in their newfound sound.

Be sure to check out the track in the link down below!

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