The long awaited album by the DJ and producer Monxx, “World of Wonk” is finally out on all platforms. It features 4 collaborations and a VIP for a very special tune over 12 amazing tracks.

It was a self released album, perhaps because of the bad name the artist got with the past events. Events that did not set him off the hook for some criticism, even today. Even with all this he managed to collab with some amazing artists such as Tryple and Jkyl & Hyde.

The album not only has riddim (duh?) but also some midtempo, bass house and trap which is a mix that we’ve been seeing from a lot of artists lately. We highlight 4 tracks: Falling (VIP) a tune that was already released before but not posted on Spotify, a real banger; “Rush” with Jkyl & Hyde due to the amazing sound design from the duo present; “War Zone” for being something where the artist stepped a bit out of his comfort zone (some more aggressive basslines); “Stomp Down” a well rounded track that unites riddim to deep dubstep.

We would like to criticize the lack of versatility present. Every track is obviously a Monxx track with his sound design and fake drops always present. There isn’t something that pushes any boundaries, it’s just more of the same. Nevertheless it’s a really good piece of work by him. We leave you now with “World of Wonk”, by Monxx:

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