Visceral, is to many, the album of a lifetime, a beautiful demonstration of Getter’s dreams and emotions. It’s the canvas used to paint his heart showing a troubled mind with an outstanding way to connect with those listening. The beautiful album was released a while back and his Visceral Tour made began.

Unfortunately, things started going wrong, with the artist and other attendees reporting that the public’s reaction and criticism was reaching new proportions. Very early, Getter spoke on Twitter saying that he accepted the criticism, but later one, it got worse, with him getting booed of stage.

“The constant hate and the disgusting attitudes I’m faced with are destroying me.”

It has now gotten to the point that he feels incapable of continuing his dream tour, cancelling the remainder shows, all because of these so called “fans”. It’s horrific and truly disgusting to see the behaviour of certain individuals, blaming an artist to drift away from his older sounds, just because they fail to relate. He speaks about the incident on a recent post.

Truth is, people change and artists evolve, and much like this, so did Getter. His most recent work is different, but even though he moved away from the heavy hitting dubstep he produced before, respect must be shown and as a person he evolved. No artist should go through this much hate for going a different route, let alone for producing what he loves and still stay loyal to his fans.

Ending on a more positive note, his fans reaction aswell as from other artists was incredible, with everyone gathering and showing how much, they support him as a producer and perhaps giving Tanner strength despite this difficult moment in time.

As a team and as people who love Getter and his music, we would like to sincerely apologize for the behaviour of those responsible for the hatred.
And you, what are your thoughts on everyone’s behaviour?

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