Q-Dance, one of the top event promoters in the Hard Dance scene, has announced a new party concept, which will take place next month: Alles Hier Is Tempo.

According to the organizers, it will be a night in “high gear”, that will fulfill the ravers that have a need for speed. It will take place on Warehouse Elementenstraat in Amsterdam and the artists booked are all relevant names within the Uptempo and Frenchcore scenes. Let’s have a quick look at the lineup!

Angernoizer is one of the artists and he’s known for tracks like Execute, We Survive and Trip To Mexico with Dr. Peacock.

We then have Crypton, an up and coming artist featured on both Q-Dance presents NEXT and Peacock Records with tracks like The Next Life.

Deadly Guns follows in the lineup, an artist that’s been gaining a lot of relevance as of lately and who’s known for tracks like Power Of The Truth. He’s had many releases on the Masters of Hardcore imprint.

We then have Deathroar, a relatively unknown artists releasing on Peacock Records. One of his latest tracks is Are You Lost, taken from his Rising Sun EP.

As excepted in such an event, we’ll have Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz (aka GPF) as well, who have been very talked about as of lately, often not for the best reasons. They’re quite controversial artists, with some hating them, and others loving them! They’ve recently had an event of their own, that you can watch here.

To finish everything off, we’ll have Sefa, who’s earned our 2018 International Breakthrough award and had unprecedented success, bringing the Frenchcore sound to greater heights, and Spitnoise, who’s guaranteed to make everyone stomp their feet from start to finish. The MC for the night will be No-iD.

From what we can see, this is the perfect time for Q-Dance to launch an event like this. More and more people started looking for these kinds of sounds in the last couple of years. The Hard Dance crowd seems to want more and more BPM’s, and Q-Dance is giving their public exactly what they want, at the right time. Having a lineup with both known and unknown names is also a good call from the organization. 

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