Late last week we’ve heard from Digital Punk regarding the future of his label: the renowned artist will be closing Unleashed Records!

He made it very clear that the podcast will continue, and in the comments the artist hinted that’s he’s pursuing a “new challenge”, that “every end means a new beginning” and that “the next step is going to be huge”, so he most certainly has something up his sleeve already!

As René mentioned in his post, the label has had quite the success, with dozens of releases in about 2 years. Very good names have been featured there, such as Adaro, Clockartz, Jack Of Sound, Kronos, Titan and Malua. A few memorable releases are 2017 Intents Festival anthem, Who You’re Fucking With, Start The Revolution and Fragments. The podcast itself is one of the most popular Hardstyle podcasts and counts with 73 episodes.

In what concerns Digital Punk himself, he’s been producing for a long time and is quite established within the scene. He had releases featured on great labels such as Seismic Records, TiLLT! and A2 Records. Given his track record we can say that this artists definitely knows what he’s doing and that we can expect something big out of this change!

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