Gathering more than 6 Million streams on Spotify in 2019, countless releases in record labels such as ATLAST and the iconic Sony Music Entertainment, Pete Kingsman finds himself in the Top 5 most streamed Portuguese artists, and it’s not a difficult task to understand why, considering that every production of his is astonishing.

His most recent collaboration, “Turn Off The Light”, together with Canadian DJ and Producer Midsplit, already counts with 150 thousand streams in less than two weeks, and this Friday, his new single “Only You” will be released, and no words can describe how beautiful it sounds!

Wide Future [WF]: Before we start, we’d like to congratulate you on the release of “One More Time” and “Turn Off The Light”, which have seen very successful launches. Now we’d like to ask you if this hectic start to 2019 is proving to be better than you expected or was this success planned all along?

Pete Kingsman [PK]: I’d like to start by thanking you guys for the opportunity to be here. To answer the question, I’ve always been a very ambitious person and I always try to set challenging goals for myself, but when you release a single, you never know what everyone’s reaction is going to be, so receiving all this support and feedback was something truly unbelievable and exceeded my expectations.

[WF]: Your 2nd release of the year took place almost two weeks ago, and it’s a Collab with Midsplit. Can you tell us a little bit about this single and how was the initial contact with this artist from Trap City?

[PK]: I met Maxence (Midsplit) approximately 2 years ago online. We had some friends in common so I decided to add him on Facebook. Later that year, I was invited to join his new label “ Hinky “ as A&R and since then we have been very good friends. Start of February, Max introduced me to Dana (Singer) and we decided on the spot that we were going to work together, and in just a week, we finished what is now “Turn Off The Light”

[WF]: The melody on “Turn Off The Light” fits perfectly the stunning voice from Dana Kelson, forcing the listener to embark in a unique emotional travel. How important is it for you, that this feeling is awoken through your music?

[PK]: For me, making music is one of the purest ways of expressing yourself. Behind every track is a story, a message or an emotion, and the beauty behind it is that different people perceive or relates to a song in different ways, based on how they feel while listening. The melody, the vocals, or even an entire song can become a shelter for someone that’s feeling down or enhanced someone’s happiness, and that is, in my opinion the most important thing.

[WF]: Other than Fulmo and Midsplit, is there any artist with whom you intend, or is working with right now?

[PK]: There are a lot of artists, both national and international, that I would love to work with. Artists like Diogo Piçarra, Bárbara Bandeira, Mishlawi, Richie Campbell, Jimmy P, Zinko, in Portugal would be an absolute pleasure to collaborate with. On a international perspective, I’m already working with several famous artists that I will soon announce, but I would love to work with Sigala, Jack & Jack, Karra, Droeloe, Martin Garrix and one of the artists that inspired me the most and will always be a reference, Zedd.

[WF]: Because releasing all these singles wasn’t already enough, you’re new single “Only You” will be released this Friday, and this one is produced just by yourself. Do you feel like you hold more freedom when working alone or does a collaboration call for a little more creativity from your side?

[PK]: I feel like both experiences have their own advantages. When you’re alone, you’re in your comfort zone and the only thing limiting you is your creativity and imagination, which allows you to have more freedom considering that you only need to please yourself. When you work with other producers, there is a fusion of ideas and genres that when combined, create something unique and unexpected.

[WF]: A curious fact is that the vast majority of your productions have vocals on them so we were wondering if you could explain to everyone how important are the lyrics and vocals on a track?

[PK]: In my opinion, working with a singer is crucial because usually the lyrics and the topline are the best way to tell the story behind a song. Every time I make an instrumental I test 3 or 4 different vocalists before finding the one that transmits the exact vibe and feel that I’m looking for. When you find the perfect match you can immediately feel it, it glues all the elements of the song together and it gives that final flare to the song.

[WF]: As many people know, you’ve received support from numerous Top 100 artists such as Martin Garrix and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. How does it make you feel knowing that such names appreciate your work?

[PK]: It’s always good to know that artists like Martin Garrix, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, R3hab, Quintino, Timmy Trumpet, W&W amongst others recognize your music, and entering the official playlists or Top Picks from artists that you see as icons and role models, has given me a huge sense of pride and it motivates me to keep working harder and improve myself everyday.

[WF]: Correct me if I’m wrong, but your productions seem to be a mix between Melodic Trap and the so called “Chill House”. Is adventuring through different genres something you would like to do, or do you feel comfortable where you’re at?

[PK]: I don’t really follow a specific genre, it’s usually what I feel like creating in the moment, but last year I’ve had a certain attraction towards Future Bass, and this year to a more Dance/Pop/Chill vibe. Later this year, I’ll be releasing some unexpected projects, one of them being a trip back to my roots on Progressive House, which is the genre that got me started with electronic music in 2013.

[WF]: Coming back to your start as an artist, who introduced you to electronic music? Who are the artists responsible for this passion of yours?

[PK]: My passion for EDM started in 2005, when I was just 8 years old. My dad used to listen to Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren and Safri Duo in the car and I remember falling in love with a single from a CD my dad bought me for Christmas’s called “Adagio For Strings”. I loved that song so much that I decided to start making my own music. I was lucky enough to start studying music and piano from a very young age, and since my family has always been very connected to music, I’ve always had a passion for creating melodies in my head. When I was 12, my father bought Reason 5 and that was my first contact with a DAW. At 14 I decided to buy FL Studio, and that’s when I started producing my own music. I released many songs under several alias before establishing myself as Pete Kingsman in 2016. I then released a couple of singles and bootlegs on SoundCloud and in 2018 I released my first official single called “Out Of The Darkness” on TGR/Sony Music Sweden.

[WF]: You’ve played MEO Sudoeste and were present in several Academic parties in Portugal. What will be the next step in the life of Pete Kingsman, and where can we find you this year?

[PK]: This year I can already confirm that I will be the Resident DJ at Festival Village ’19, in Spain, from the 8th to the 14th of April, and I will soon unveil the dates of some national and international shows once the official line-ups are published online.

Thank you so much for your availability and we can’t wait to see what else you go in store for 2019!

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