A new festival is coming to Portugal in 2019. Its name is Discoveries Festival and has already one official confirmation: Thomas Gold! The announcement was made in the last Saturday, 30th of March. It’s not the first time that Thomas Gold comes to Portugal. He has even spoken at the Web Summit in Lisbon. His last single is called Wildest Dream, together with Kosling and featuring Matthew Steeper, with a lot of support on Protocol Recordings. As for Justin Mylo, he’s a Dutch producer that already teamed up with Martin Garrix and that has releases on well established labels like Revealed and STMPD, where he recently released Not Afraid.

The festival is going to take place in Oeiras on the 9th of June. The name of the festival comes from the story of Portugal, more specifically from the Portuguese Discoveries. As the festival is new, we have little information about it. The tickets are being sold for 25€ and offers 3 free drinks. Be sure to stay tuned for more information in the future!

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