This past weekend was probably the most expected one for home dance music lovers and the three days of Ultra live streaming madness have now come to an end and even though this year’s edition was marked by the new location (Virginia Key), they’ve still put on a memorable show. Well, if you were happy during the weekend, you will be thrilled to hear that Ultra is coming to Portugal!

That’s right, it sounds like a dream but it really is true! We thought that we were being fooled by the April 1st but they officially confirmed it yesterday during the final hours of the main livestream! There’s no specific date for the event yet, but by the list they showed, Portugal will be on the centre of it all! This is how we know it:



There’s not much information about what it might turn out to be, but the fact that Ultra is coming to Portugal is priceless itself! Portugal is finally becoming a spotlight when it comes to Dance Music!

Let’s hope it comes and stays here for the years to come!

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