We are talking about “Crowsnest Elite #2”, the second volume of the label’s compilation, 2 years after the first one was released. This one came out last friday and we don’t know when the next volume will come out but we hope for it to be next year as it is a peak moment for deathstep.

This time it features a total of 18 tracks (1h 6min of pure massacre) with a very special release from the label owner, Code: Pandorum. We are talking about “Monxxed”, a track that was supposed to be in collaboration with the artist Monxx but due to some complications (that we already addressed) it came out as a solo track with that ironic name.

There are plenty more tracks to listen to. Crowsnest Audio is an amazing label with a lot of talent from artists such as London NebelTenGraphsQoietSadhu and many more. Not only they released deathstep in this compilation but also some midtempo tunes with the deathstep melodies that we hoped for.

Not everyone is into this darker side of Dance Music but we can assure you that if you like death metal you will enjoy this compilation. The melodies are really well made and the sound design in some tracks is actually amazing. Vocals are also a big factor when it comes to deathstep and Qoiet is the best one at getting them right, not only in his songs but also live!

We advise you to listen to the full compilation without skipping songs as it will be a pretty good and scary experience. Enjoy, “Crowsnest Elite #2”:

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